Career Profile

Ali Tarraf is the lead data scientist and associate consultant at Mindsets, a strategy and decision advisory firm. Ali develops data to decision models to empower business decisions across the logistics, retail, manufacturing, healthcare and financial industry in the MENA region. Ali has 10 years of experience in manufacturing and Internet Of Things (IOT) solutions across West Africa and USA. He is currently actively pursuing research in Artificial Intelligence technology in partnership with AUB, and working his way towards earning a Deep Learning specialization certificate from Coursera/Stanford.


Lead Data Scientist and Associate Consultant

May 2018 - Present
Mindsets, Beirut,Lebanon

Leading a team of engineers and businesss consultant in Beirut, and Cairo to create measurable business value from the wealth of enterprise and public government data.

  • Developed a routing optimization software for logistics delivery companies that saved 15% in processing time
  • Developed the data to decision practice business model, and launched business development initiatives in the MENA region

Design Engineer

September 2017- May 2018
Regal Beloit, Wisconsin, USA

As a design engineer working on power generation machinery:

  • Designed a 45 inches diameter fan for cooling 1000frame generators. The new design was 5% more efficient.
  • Performed computational fluid dynamics simulations of the new fan design, and validated results with self-built in house wind tunnel
  • Developed a web application to streamline the fan conceptual design and sizing engineering process
  • Developed a web application to transition the FORTRAN based user interface of electric motor design software

Project Lead

January 2017- September 2017
Regal Beloit, Fort Wayne, USA

As a project lead working on new product developments in electric motors solutions:

  • Worked with customers, sales team, product managers and engineers to solve pending product issues by seeing through pending engineering/manufacturing problems
  • Managed 9 simultaneous improvement projects
  • Executed quality testing procedures to ensure reliability as per UA certification

Energy Auditor

September 2015 - December 2016
United States Department of Energy Industrial Assessment Center at IUPUI, Indianapolis, USA

As an energy auditor with the DOE-IAC:

  • Recommended more than 350,000$ in energy and cost savings to more than 6 manufacturing companies in the state of Indiana
  • Performed energy saving analysis on power, lighting, pneumatics, water, hydraulics, waste, and operational processes in manufacturing plants
  • Redacted and edited energy auditing reports delivered to manufacturing clients

Teaching and Research Assistant

September 2014 - December 2016
Combustion and Propulsion Research Lab at IUPUI, Indianapolis, USA

As a teaching and research assistant in the lab:

  • Research key words: Experimental combustion testing, hot jet ignition, aerospace, automation and data acquisition, plasma ignition, CNC machining, mass flow controllers.
  • Teaching 300 students computer aided design (CAD) with Solidworks and ProE skills and 3D printing.

Chief Operations Officer

August 2011 - September 2014
Randaplast, Ghana

As the COO of Randaplast:

  • Grew the factory production capacity by a factor of 6 from 60 tons to 360 tons a year
  • Launched plastic colorant trading business unit in partnership with Chinese suppliers

Plant Manager

November 2009 - August 2011
Societe pour le Compoundage en Cote d'Ivoire, Ivory Coast

As the plant manager of SCCI:

  • Managed $40 million of plant production output per year with a team of 56 employees
  • Oversaw predictive and preventive maintenance and quality control programs


List of interesting projects accumulated over the years.

Flaty - A blockchain real estate start up idea that got awarded the 3rd prize in the Consensys Blockchain hackaton in Beirut Lebanon in October 2018
1 Million Arab Coders Udacity - Mentoring of aspiring coders through Udacity as a Full stack web developer over a period of 3 month in Q4 2018
FANSIS - A fan conceptual sizing and design web application inspired by the work of Dr P. Epple
3D printing projects - My work mentoring students in the CAD class, paid off in interesting design and builds with inventive concepts.


Hot Jet Ignition Delay Characterization of Methane and Hydrogen at Elevated Temperatures
Ali Tarraf
Purdue University, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2017. 10615574
Three-Dimensional Simulation of Turbulent Hot-Jet Ignition for Air-CH4-H2 Deflagration in a Confined Volume
ME Feyz, MR Nalim, Md N Khan, A Tarraf, KY Paik
Flow, Turbulence and Combustion Journal Vol.101,Issue 1 p.123-137 2018/7/1

Skills & Proficiency


Machine Learning

Financial modeling